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Looking for a Property?

A new property, whether your family home or office space, is a crucial and often once in a lifetime decision. we’ve been through the process countless times and know how difficult it can be. which is why we strive to make this a seamless and comfortable experience. At Amoha we take the utmost care of our customers and walk you through every step of the way.

Commercial Property

A world-class office is made up of many things. But an excellent office space for you, your team, and customers is where Amoha can help.

Residential Property

Your home is your sanctuary. Finding a place that meets all your requirements whether space or location and feels just right is what Amoha does best.

Retail Property

Retail space in an up-and-coming location or established market can be a great
investment or perfect lease option. either way Amoha has you covered.


How We Stand Out
At Amoha family values, a spiritual way of life, and giving back to those in need shape our lives and business philosophy. Among other things we find that integrity and professionalism are two key aspects that are missing from the real estate landscape in India; Amoha strives to change that.


Who We Are
Amoha’s core principles include integrity, quality, knowledge, professionalism, growth and efficiency. we use these principles to provide valuable advice in relation to all aspects of property and premises management. our clients include corporate houses, property owners, managing agents, landlords, tenants and investors. with over 20 years of experience as an investor in this field we have seen first hand the lack of credible advisers. And so, with unquestionable ethics and integrity as one of our strongest pillars we offer each and every client, partner, associate and stakeholder a fair and reliable real estate dealing experience. By providing accuracy of information and well-researched advice, we aim to build and nurture long-term relationships that add value to all our stakeholders